Give your kids enough rope…part 2: why do moms hold each other to such high standards?

Many moms (and maybe some dads) have trouble just letting go.  Some parents feel guilty, others worry.  Many are driven by the fear of judgmental parents (mostly moms, by I’m trying not to be sexist).   Most guys don’t care if their kids go to school with bed-head and wrinkled clothes.  However, having other moms see your disheveled kids seems to be a high fear-factor for most.

Why do moms hold other moms to such high standards?  Why do parents drive themselves nuts trying to ensure that their kids look presentable?  Leave your kid alone, and they will probably look homeless at first.  However, they will get the idea pretty quickly; most people don’t want to look and smell like…well, crap.

Just try leaving themselves to their own resources in the morning, while keeping a watchful yet stealth eye on them.  What’s the worst that can happen?  When they are late to school and missing their homework, they will get in trouble with a respected authority figure..their teachers!

I’m not suggesting that we outsource the discplining of our children to their teachers.  But, it doesn’t hurt to let them fail now and then and face the consequences.  How do you expect to raise a self-reliant, responsible, well-adjusted child if you pamper, indulge, and babysit them on a regular basis?

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