“Mental health day” for you child

I borrowed this idea from another mom in our school.  My daughter is soooo stressed-out about the homework load, she actually worked herself into getting physically sick last night (sour stomach, headache, and emotional fireworks, etc.).

Ironically, two years ago our school played the movie “Road to Nowhere” for all the students to watch.  The school then had a separate showing for the parents followed by a Q&A.

If you have not checked out Road to Nowhere, it’s a fantastic movie about the increasingly pressure-cooker environment in which we are raising our kids.  Heavy homework loads and after-school activities almost every night make it difficult for kids to just be “kids.”

Down-time = creativity.  Time for social interaction and varied activities are crucial for well-rounded and well-adjusted kids.

Putting kid’s in a pressure-cooker enviornment to “prepare” them for matriculation into a ‘top’ high school or ‘top’ college may backfire.

Anyone reading my posts knows I’m not into pampering kids.  But, we all have to remember they are kids.  They should be allowed the opportunity to find themselves and slowly prepare for the ‘real’ world.

Sometimes, we all need to stop and think about what’s really important…a child’s happiness and healthy development846-02796994.

Getting off the soap box now…

Yours truly, mistermomblog


2 thoughts on ““Mental health day” for you child

    • Here’s the problem. If your kid takes a mental health day, you can’t. They have all these needs like food, help with homework, and a good ol’ therapy session with Dad (I know, it’s pretty desperate if I’m playing therapist).

      If your kid’s are in school, that is the ONLY time to get things done (chores, food shopping, job search, writing in this blog…).

      So, I guess we’re looking at the weekends for mom & dad’s mental health days. But, you have sports activities, birthday parties, more food shopping, homework, and more chores). I’m not complaining, but there just doesn’t seem like life affords enough down-time in anyone’s schedule.

      A good mutual friend has it all figured out. I won’t use her name, but she outlaws homework and chores on Sunday’s. Sunday is family day, so everything has to be done beforehand.

      I just wish we could get our acts together to execute on that plan!!

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