Our kids’ need to figure out things for themselves…

How dangerously high does your blood pressure get in the morning when you’re trying to rush the kids and yourself out the door to be somewhere on time?

It’s a familiar scene; the kids can’t find a pair of socks, underwear, a clean shirt, etc. You find yourself expending a lot of energy badgering them through the routine; brush your teeth, get dressed, get off the floor, find a hair brush, get your own #$#@! bowl of cereal.

I’ve read that kids need boundaries set my their parents, even though they resist your will with every ounce of strength they have. I have a slightly different take on the matter; your kids want you to badger them so they have an opportunity to argue, complain and whine. They want you to know you are not the absolute boss of them.

I think I’ve found a solution. If you disappear towards the end of the morning rush nonsense, your kids won’t know what to do with themselves. They are lost without the adult-imposed boundaries, and they will actually get ready on their own (really!).

I stumbled on this solution quite by accident. I got caught up reading my email in the bathroom while on the throne. I must have lost track of time, because both of my kids were pounding on the door. They were asking me what they should do to get ready!! As if they didn’t know…

Left to themselves, your kids will get their books and papers in the backpack, put on clothes, eat something, and make it out the door.

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