The Top 5 Reasons Why we keep having drooling infants that crap on themselves, and do it again…

#5…They’re cute.

#4…They give purpose and meaning to life.

#3…When you and your spouse are out on the town because you have a babysitter, you really appreciate that dinner-and-a-movie night so much more!!

#2…We want to share our moments (good and bad) with those most special and dear to uys…And, it’s hard to top your own kids in that department.

And, the #1 reason (as cited my palliative nurse Bonnie Ware in her book “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying”**),

#1…We don’t want to end up wishing we had spent more time with our kids when we get old. Depressing, but also uplifting (in a way) .

Sadly, Steve Jobs said the same thing. Also, Steve said one of the main reasons he commissioned his biography for now-adult children; so that they could to get to ‘know’ him better…:((

Just another reason why you should leave your fast-paced, lucrative career to hang with the kids!!

**Bonnie’s book was kind of cool; will share an expert in another post…


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