Why are women such better shoppers than men?

In this case, I’m referring to grocery shopping. But, the premise transcends to all type of shopping (clothing, jewelry, cars, etc.). Sorry, this might sound a tad sexist…

At first, I thought I was missing crucial DNA; some shopping chromosome passed along only if you’re XX. Than, I realized the simple truth. Shopping is honed by repetition and memorization. Just like homework, tests, or trading, the familiarity derived from doing a task over and over sharpens one’s skills.

At first, shopping seems like a challenge to me. Once mastered to a level of basic competency, however, it becomes a chore like anything else.

For example, put me in any Trader Joe’s, and I can map out exactly what I need. I hit the produce section, and I know exactly where to find broccoli, green beans, apples, and ice-berg lettuce. As I fly by the dairy section, I pick up milk, yogurt and cheese.

Now, put me in an A&P or another ‘super market’ I’m unfamiliar with, and I become completely disoriented and confused. I lose track of what I’m supposed to get when I don’t know where the heck to find it.

After spending a lot of time honing this skill, women are simply better grocery shoppers in my opinion. It’s the caveman in most of us men; the underdeveloped frontal lobe that prevents men from repeating this task to perfection. We just don’t have the concentration and attention span to do it.

So, when a working stiff says they’re putting the food on the table, just remind them that they have no clue were to find it. It is the caregiver, the stay-at-home guardian, that keeps the family well fed.



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