Why women are generally more thoughtful (but not necessarily better) parents than men…

It was a miserable, cold, and drizzly morning, and my daughter had a field trip into New York City. Despite having told her to wear a rain jacket and/or bring an umbrella, she cruised out of the house in her typical wardrobe; Uggs, sweat pants and a fleece hoodie.

When my wife figured this out, she tried to guilt me into rushing to school with my daughter’s rain gear before the field trip.

I had just settled into my home office with a hot cup of coffee. I was all set to cruise job sites and make some networking calls. I thought to myself, “If she’s wet, cold and miserable, she will learn her lesson.  She won’t forget to bring her raincoat next time…”


One learns life’s most important lessons through making mistakes, right? I think that’s just a more common philosophy among men.  And, a useful one at that. The thought goes; if you pamper your kids, they will never learn how to cope with life’s curve-balls…

As I sat at my desk, I couldn’t get my mind off of my wife’s text, “please bring her coat to school…”

I finally gave in and brought her rain gear to school.  After all, I really don’t want my daughter to be wet, cold and miserable.

What happened to my manhood?  Next time she forgets, she’s on her own.  Until then…


2 thoughts on “Why women are generally more thoughtful (but not necessarily better) parents than men…

  1. Yeah, but did she wear it, or leave it in her locker, or worse, on the bus? :)
    I try to stick by my rule of only dropping off gym shoes, trumpets, french binders and lunches, etc. twice per kid, and then they’re on their own – thinking that they’ll remember next time. Doesn’t always work though…I cave because I care, too.

    • Well put. The list can be endless, but she actually thanked me when she got home last night! She said a couple of her friends were miserable.

      I’m sure all of those lunch deliveries are much appreciated by your kids. But, I’d draw the line with the trumpet!

      Take care, and keep the faith

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