Yikes! A segment on the “Today Show” really hit close to home…

Yes, I’m ashamed to say I was watching the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hora the other day. But, there was a really good segment about the rampant sense of entitlement our kids have today.  Check it out…

Stop the Entitlement Train

The Today Show segment, “Stop The Entitlement Train,” raised lot’s of issues, but the main point is that many parents try to promote too much praise for what can be very small achievements. Of course we strive to help our kid’s develop good self-esteem and confidence. However, when parents do this artificially, the result is over-confidence, unrealistic expectations, and, in some cases, a ‘sense’ of entitlement.


In essence, some kids may not know how to fail. Challenges and failures are crucial life experiences that teach persistence and courage to try again.

This dovetails with my prior post about chores. In my opinion, to help our children be well-rounded and have the tools to be successful in life, we may have to give a nudge to push a little harder and step back and let our kids try to succeed on their own, install a bit of responsibility and self-reliance along the way.


2 thoughts on “Yikes! A segment on the “Today Show” really hit close to home…

  1. Like most parents, I want my daughter to feel special always, but as a business executive, I realize I would be setting her up for failure at both college and in the workplace (where parents have no voice) by letting her do only the things she wants to do, and for praising her for the things in her life that are obligatory (such as finishing her homework and getting out of bed for school in the morning). It can be hard to not “over-love” your child, but it will be harder in the years ahead when they have to succeed on their own merit in the eyes of a non-parent.

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