The Morning Gospel of Child Preparedness

Now that we’re several weeks into school (elementary, middle or high school; doesn’t matter), both you and your kids are probably out of whack. That is to say, the morning routine is hectic, full of stress and shouting, and almost every time something gets left behind (homework, briefcase, lunch box, etc.).

We all have our methods for dealing with this daily crisis of preparedness. To have a smooth process in the morning, the process really needs to start the night before. I have tried to relay some of the essential steps here in The Morning Gospel of Child Preparedness

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  1. PACK SCHOOL BAG THE NIGHT BEFORE: Yes, it’s painful to remind and badger them at first. But, getting your kids in the habit of making sure all homework, text books, and other crap get put in their bags/back-packs helps avoid a lot of mishaps and last-minute scrambling. NOTE: have them put their bags by the front door.
  2. LAY OUT CLOTHES THE NIGHT BEFORE: We have all read or heard about this, but kids can where you down. To address almost certain procrastination and/or whining, make it into a game with a reward. For example, first child who’s done with steps 1. and 2. Or, depending on your parenting style, you can warn of impending punishment for non-compliance.

Steps 3-5 have to do with the morning and will be discussed in the next post…


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